Hello! We are Gonzalo, Víctor, Rubén, Jaime, Luis, Gon and Miren. We have been working collectively since 2014, creating synergies through constant, smooth communication as experienced professionals specialising in the different stages of art project development.

We offer all services, from concept to final product, seeking viable and efficient solutions through comprehensive, personalised consulting. It is important for us to create an atmosphere of trust in our workspace and maintain direct contact with both independent authors as well as institutional managers and professionals in the field living anywhere.

Each new project is part of our continuous learning process. Make an appointment, come and meet us and let’s discuss your needs.

Gonzalo Hernández (Prepress Specialist & Production Manager)
Víctor Garrido ( Prepress Specialist & Photographer)
Rubén García-Castro (Designer)
Jaime Narváez (Designer)
Luis Marino Cigüenza ( Photographer)
Gonzalo Golpe (Editor)
Miren Pastor (Cultural Manager & Photographer)

We are official partners of Fiebre Photobook, the first photobook festival held in Spain.

* The ©copyright of all photographs belongs to the respective photographers and/or editors.
* The reproductions belong to La Troupe and cannot be used without prior permission.

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